Meet Joe

Joe The Business Man

I began my professional career as a design engineer at Hewlett Packard. After two years at HP, I was recruited to join John Fluke Mfg. Co., where I became the youngest engineering manager, and led development of the first digital multimeter based on a microprocessor.

After eight years at Fluke, a head-hunter recruited me to Keithley Instruments in Solon, OH, just east of Cleveland.  After resurrecting a moribund digital multimeter program, I was promoted to vice-president of the instrument division; that meant responsibility for 300 employees, who constituted 80% of the corporate total.  During my tenure, all company growth was from my division, despite the company making several forays into otherwise promising new ventures.  That was because effective use of resources in a known field almost always pays back far better than speculative, unknown efforts.

Logo: Reedholm - Making It All Play

In 1983, I resigned from Keithley and formed Reedholm Instruments, a company manufacturing semiconductor parametric test equipment in Silicon Valley.  These computer-controlled systems are used in semiconductor processing, have price tags in excess of $150k, are sold throughout the world, and have state-of-the-art measurement and software control.  Our systems were developed, sold, manufactured, and maintained for 33 years until operations were shut down in 2015.

Over 100 systems continue in use throughout the world.  A company started by my son and a Georgetown partner provide service continuity for the installed base of Reedholm customers as well as building and installing new systems.

As CEO and President of Reedholm Instruments, I gained and practiced the experience and understanding of managing growth, people, and fiscal responsibility, all skills I hope to bring to the position of City Councillor.

Joe The Family Man

My wife and I moved our company and employees to Georgetown in 1994. After running our business in California for ten years, we searched for a small, friendly city like the one in Iowa where we grew up. The Lower Colorado River Authority was looking to bring companies to their service area In Texas, and they sponsored our visit to the Austin area. Among several communities ringing Austin, we fell in love with Georgetown. No incentives were offered or needed to get us here – the benefit of all of our employees being able to buy a house was more than enough reward for moving here.

Joe and Karolyn
Joe and Karolyn

In twenty-four years, all nine of our grandchildren have graduated from the Georgetown Independent School District, and the youngest two graduated from East View. We lived In Berry Creek until the fall of 2017 when we moved to Sun City. Living here Is great for us and most people In Georgetown. City and county management has been every bit as good as in the other five states we have lived during our 57 year marriage. Furthermore, Georgetown city and county employees have been conscientious and competent.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for recent governance by the mayor and some on the city council, which is why I have decided to run for Council.