Why is Georgetown Council Stonewalling Airport Questions?

Since filing to run for city council, numerous groups have let me know how frustrated they are with lack of transparency, or even response, on issues important to them. One of them is the Airport Concerned Citizens [ACC]. They aren’t people who moved near the airport and then started complaining. Their main concern isn’t about noise or air traffic from a few light planes, but the continued, expanded use of the airport for military and larger private jets.

They are concerned that it is only a matter of time before airport operations accidentally dumps hazardous material into the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone. Or before a much larger plane fails to reach the runway, or loses power after take off. If city staff have answers to ACC concerns, why can’t they be provided? Background information can be found at their website.


Furthermore, Georgetown’s growth makes the airport location less desirable day by day. I agree with the ACC that a safer airport location is needed that has room for growth. Austin’s Mueller Airport was relocated to the Bergstrom Air Base, and the former site developed for the benefit of all.

Surely Georgetown can exhibit a similar level of foresight.